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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Triple Click Photo?

Triple Click Photo is the world's only photobooth designed specifically for cosplayers. It's the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to get incredible art of your amazing costume! No matter what character you are cosplaying, there will be a photo to make you look great.

The experience is designed to take amazing studio portraits in the same time it would have taken you to walk those 20 feet in costume anyway, but get you on your way during a busy convention weekend. Each photo comes in a set of three (thus... Triple Click) and is designed to complement a different mood or theme in cosplay.

Triple Click Photo is local to Seattle, WA, but we're always exploring new growth and opportunities.
How did you get the idea?

We are cosplayers. We understand the months of planning, hours of work, and hundreds if not thousands of dollars that go into some costumes. Those costumes deserve amazing pictures. But there are also the cosplays that were maybe a fun weekend project, a thing you bought for your growing kid, or maybe you're just starting out. Those costumes deserve amazing pictures too.

Ben is a professional photographer and works every day to make the best photos for his clients. But at a convention, there are so many amazing and talented people with incredible costumes, but all of the photos they got were in the middle of hallways, with crowds of people behind them, all under the sickly lights of the convention center. Not everyone can afford a custom personalized photoshoot, so in 2016, he had the idea to bring a studio to conventions.

It had to be specifically designed for the needs of cosplayers.
It had to handle a variety of different costumes while making them ALL look great.
It had to be special needs and ADA friendly.
It had to be the same quality work as when he shoots in studio.
It had to be something unique over photographers who already shoot in the lobby.

And so Triple Click Photo was born.
What cons are you attending?

Check out our event schedule. Confirmed events will be posted there, along with plenty of shout outs on Facebook or Instagram. Follow us on your social of choice to stay updated with new events.
I paid for my photos... Now what?

Your photos will be posted on my Facebook page, and you can right-click download them from the gallery. Easy! Photos may take up to 48 hours after the con has ended to be posted. (Conventions out of the Seattle area may have a longer wait time.)

Thank you so much for coming by the booth, and we are doing everything we can to always make it a better experience.
What size are the digital photos?

We offer 2 different forms of digital files. The most popular are the Facebook posts, which will be sized to 1000px x 1500px before being uploaded and include a small watermark, after which Facebook makes their own compression as well. These are perfect for use in online social media, websites, or making 4x6 prints at your local one hour photo. If you would like a high resolution file, those will be original camera resolution, 22+ megapixel files with no watermarks, and easily make prints over 40".
Why Facebook?

Posting images on Facebook, and having you find yourself in the gallery is currently the quickest and most affordable way to deliver images. The booth can shoot up to 100 cosplayers an hour, and over a 3 or 4 day weekend, that really adds up. We are always looking at solutions to make this booth a better experience, but we also want to keep it an affordable experience for you.

If you want high resolution images personally emailed to you, that service is available for $50 per set. And if you're looking for something better, Ben is a professional photographer and would be happy to book a personal shoot with you. Cosplay portrait packages start at $350. (Maybe Facebook photos starting at $15 doesn't sound so bad after all?)
The Booth is good, but do you do anything else?

Yes! Ben has been a professional photographer for 9+ years and this grew as a side project to the main business. If you would like a full personalized photoshoot, definitely check out his work for yourself. Cosplay portrait packages start at $350.
How can I request you at a con?

Fill out the request form and we can research the feasibility of traveling to your local convention.
Can you do private events?

Yes! For quickest response, contact me (Ben) on Facebook or Instagram for details. We can even work with you to make a custom watermark for your images. The booth requires a minimum 10'x16' space and access to electricity. Setup time is approximately 4 hours prior to your event and requires a $1000 retainer to book a date.
Will you be at ECCC?

YES!!! FINALLY!! 2022 will be our first ECCC appearance, with many more to come!